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​ Lakewood Preschool recognizes the importance of early childhood education. We understand the importance of making school an exciting and fun place to be and the importance of giving our students a solid academic and social foundation in order to prepare them for kindergarten. If children have a positive first school experience and a good foundation, research shows that these positive attitudes towards school will continue as the children enter into elementary school. We understand that by providing our students with a high quality early childhood experience, we will be providing them with the confidence that they will carry throughout their schooling. With degreed teachers, experienced assistants and a dedicated, friendly, enthusiastic staff, Lakewood strives to provide our students with the most in their early childhood education. Lakewood understands that preschool is often the first time parents and children are apart.

​ We build the bridge between home and school and provide a smooth transition for both you and your child with excellent communication. If your child has an exceptional day, is a great listener, or if there is a problem or concern during your child’s school day, we will let you know during daily pick up times or by placing a note in your child’s tote bag. Monthly newsletters are also sent home to keep parents up to date on the themes that we are discussing, skills that we are working on, and other important information. We also send home a “Special Activity” calendar each month. This calendar can be posted at home to help excite your child about school. Special Activities such as: face painting, musical chairs, picnic lunches, bringing a stuffed animal to school, and many other fun activities are listed on the calendar. These activities are done in addition to our regular curriculum. Children often look forward to these special activities and are excited to come to school. In addition, we send out report cards and are available for conferences upon request. We look forward to working with both the parents and the children in order to develop a wonderful transition for you and your child.

​ Research shows that strong family involvement helps children to develop positive attitudes towards school. We offer many opportunities for parents to become involved during the school year. Being a guest reader, a room parent, a field trip chaperone, or a guest speaker are several ways that we encourage involvement. Our three year old program has a special day for parents to participate in creating a Christmas Wonderland with their child, where together, you and your child will decorate a gingerbread house with icing and a variety of candies.  Our Preschool program invites parents to see their children sing in a program and decorate cookies. Graduation is also a BIG day for the preschoolers, as well. Parents are invited to see their children accept their preschool diplomas and sing some songs.

​Lakewood preschool offers a curriculum that follows the Pennsylvania Early Childhood Learning Standards. We focus on the emotional, social and academic needs of the children.  Along with the academic and social aspects of our curriculum, we also model and teach basic Christian principles and values to our students in the everyday activities of our classrooms. Our day begins with a large group calendar time, songs, stories, and short lessons. Later, activities and lessons are taught in small learning centers. Much of our learning is hands on. We use manipulative materials to help teach math concepts, science enrichment classes and letters. In addition, we use art to help us teach concepts and small motor skills. The teachers use thematic units as they teach the early learning standards. Our Pre-K classes have the opportunity to display their art work in the spring, during our annual art show. Parents, grandparents, family and friends can enjoy the wonderful work that the students have created throughout the school year. The students love to see the hallways come to life with their all of their hard work and it is a great way to see all that the students have learned and accomplished throughout the year.

​ Lakewood is a unique preschool. We provide children with either a cooking, gym, or music class each day that they attend school. During this time, children have the opportunity to develop their large motor skills and focus on following directions. We have VERY SPECIAL gym days throughout the year.  These gym days include: Eskimo Olympics, Medieval Days and Circus Day! Cooking themes include Christmas, Winter, International Cooking and others. Children learn the importance of hand washing, measuring, following directions, and best of all… The children get to eat their creations!!  In music class, the children learn about different types of instruments as well as play them.  They also learn about rhythm, tempo, and dynamics.  And of course we sing, learning new songs and singing our favorites!

​The preschool children at Lakewood also take part in a field trip each year. The teachers, students, and chaperones ride a school bus! The children are excited to see the big yellow school bus pull up and it is a great way to prepare them for riding the big yellow school bus to kindergarten. Field trip destinations vary from year to year. The three year old classes get a visit from the zoo each year!!  It is always and exciting day when the zoo animals arrive!!

​Lakewood preschool is where a love of learning begins!