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Preschool Calendar 

Lakewood Preschool Calendar 

Lakewood Preschool's calendar follows Millcreek School District's calendar.  

Our school year begins shortly after Labor Day and ends mid-May.  

****Parents will receive a copy of the school calendar during Orientation Day.**** 

      **** Orientation Day is Wednesday September 6th****  

            Orientation for 3's is from 9:30 until 10:15 am. 

              Orientation for the Preschool is from 10:30 until 11:15 am.         

Children will receive room assignments and meet their teachers and classmates. 

                                                                                    ****First Day of Classes: 

                                           ****Three's and Week-long Classes is Thursday, Sept. 7th!****                                                 

PreK and Prek Extended  Friday, Sept. 8th!    

Arrival time:  9:25-9:30 am. 

Pick up time: 12:00 pm for all regular classes.  

Pick up time:  Extended Mondays and Enrichment Class:  2:15. 

Some highlights from our calendar:

September:  School Starts                     
Enrichment program starts, Mommy and Me Starts
  October:  Halloween Party               
         Westlake Fire Department Visits 

November:  Thanksgiving Feast 

                 December:  Christmas Party                   
   Threes - Gingerbread House Day  

March:     Gadget Band,

April:  Annual Art Show!  Don't miss this spectacular event!

                    May: Preschool Graduation             



Lakewood Preschool will not be in session if Millcreek Schools are closed or on a 2 hour delay. 

Thank you!!