​​​​​Lakewood  United Methodist Church

3856 West Tenth Street

Erie, PA  16505


 Pastor Kathleen Schoeneck 

Lakewood United Methodist Church Erie PA is a loving congregation 

focused  on helping people discover, experience and

know the love and presence of Jesus Christ. 

 Lakewood United Methodist Church Erie PA is a loving congregation  focused  on  helping

people discover, experience and know the love and presence of Jesus Christ. 

Lakewood  United Methodist Church  3856 West 10th Street  814.833.4131 
                Rev. Kathleen Schoeneck, Pas​tor  pastor@lakewooderie.org

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Lakewood History  

Lakewood Church first originated from the Forest Park Sunday School under the Rev. Gilbert Lloyd in the early 1920's. Sunday school met in the Community Hall located at the northwest corner of West Lake Road and Clifton Drive. A lot was acquired at West tenth and Clifton but was sold and the church relocated to West Tenth and Chelsea where it has existed
for over 75 years.

In November 1932, the church was organized with the name "The Church of Our Savior," and the name later changed to "Lakewood Methodist Episcopal Church," when the first building was erected with materials from an abandoned Methodist church in Springboro. The
cornerstone was laid on November 8, 1936 and the church basement was used for all church activities until 1948. In 1945, the Erie Annual Conference Missions Board secured the aid of the General Board of Missions and the District Superintendent, Rev. E. Roy Meyers, and $30,000 was donated to build the church. For a period in the mid-1940's, church services were held at Barcio's Garage at West 12th & Powell Avenue, and later in Lakewood School, across the street from the church.  A parsonage at 401 Marshall Drive
was purchased in 1946. 

In May 1948, the Henry Schenk Company began construction of the church building and sanctuary at a cost of $65,000, with much of the plumbing, heating and electrical work done by the congregation. A new cornerstone was laid on August 22, 1948. The first worship services in the church as we know it today were held on Palm Sunday, April 10, 1949. The mortgage burning was March 15, 1953 and the church building was dedicated by Bishop Lloyd Wicke on June 7, 1953.  That same year, a two-story east wing was added.

Ground was broken for a classroom building, Epworth Hall, to be added in October 1954, and the completed west wing addition was consecrated May 1, 1955. Fellowship Hall was finished the same year.  There was a fire in Fellowship Hall on December 26, 1955.  The sanctuary was renovated in the spring of 1967 and stained glass windows were installed. In 1959, the parsonage on Marshall Drive was sold and the current home was built at 509 Rondeau Drive.  A second parsonage was acquired in 1969 at 931 Oakmont to house the Associate Pastors and their families; it is currently rented out as a house by the church.

Renovations were made to the parsonages and to Epworth Hall in the late 1970's. The cassette tape ministry for shut-ins began in October 1980. New offices were completed for the pastor and church secretary in 1981. In June 1981, Rev. David C. Roddy became the associate pastor and his son, David C Roddy, Jr. was the first child born to a pastor-in-residence in October 1981.

Lakewood celebrated its 50th anniversary in 1982.  In the spring and summer of 1984, ground was broken and construction began to extend the east side of the church to create a driveway and wheelchair ramp, and the large front doors and steps of the church were demolished and removed; replaced by the stained glass window in the narthex and the brick garden for flowers and small trees. The kitchen was expanded and renovated to create more room in the mid 1990's. The yard behind Fellowship Hall was paved over to create an additional parking lot in June 2003. Air conditioning was also installed in the classrooms and sanctuary by September 2003.

Our church celebrated its 75th anniversary in 2007.

Our pastors who have served here include:

Rev. Clifford McEntarfer, Nov. 1932 - 1936

Rev. John L. Buck, 1936 - 1938;

Part-time pastors from 1938 - 1945;

Rev. Milo M. Mook, 1938 - 1940

Rev. Albert J. Renwick, 1941

Rev. H.C. Shaw, 1944 - 1945

Rev. Duane Hulse, 1944 - 1945

Rev. A.R. Hillard, 1944 - 1945

Rev. Howard L. Smith, 1944 - 1945

Rev. Bruce L. Middaugh, 1945 - 1952

Rev. Frecerick W. Hunt, 1952 - 1959

Rev. Dr. C. Herbert Picht, 1959 - 1962

Rev. Newton H. Swanson, 1962 - 1968

Rev. Wesley E. Blaha, 1968 - 1972

Rev. Donald R. Brown, 1972 - 1976

Rev. Robert F. Richards, 1976 - 1983

Rev. Jack E. Spencer, 1983 - 1991

Rev. James B. Patterson, 1991 - 2003

Rev. Herbert G. Gates, 2003 - 2005

Rev. Dr. Andrew Spore, 2005 - 2009

Rev. Robert H. Lewis, 2009 - 2022

Rev. Kathleen Schoeneck, 2022 - present (our current pastor)